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The arts having a shaping effect on culture, this is a fact of human society. Baryn Futa fully appreciates the importance that art plays in shaping culture and seeks to help support the arts community. Baryn Futa recognize that the arts are worthy of support and is more than happy to provide that support whenever it is needed. Baryn Futa has been interested in the arts ever since he retired. He has a special interest in the contemporary arts, especially video art (time based media). Baryn Futa began engaging with the world of art by participating in the Denver Art Museum. His participation in the Denver Art Museum has continued to today, he is still a member and is involved in the Collection Committee.

After this, Baryn Futa continued his study of art history in both the classrooms and online classes. He also visited museums both in the United States and overseas. Additionally, he has gone on group art trips and visited all kinds of art fairs. Baryn Futa also started his own art collection, which is now host to a broad array of contemporary art pieces. Some of these pieces are occasionally loaned out to museums.